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If They Took Us Back

LOGLINE: In the alternate history film If They Took Us Back, the U.S. government mandated the return of all formerly enslaved people back to Africa in 1863. More than a century later, a descendant of the ‘Black Returns’ (DANIEL) decides to break the 150-year exile and return to the U.S. in exchange for overdue reparations from a remorseful, sympathetic and Black-obsessed America.


In All Thy Getting:  The Forgotten Story of Freedmen's Town

I'm Still A Woman
Women of Color confronting the topic of delayed motherhood. 

2019 S.O.S. - Showcase of Shorts 
Winner: Crystal Rae's "Lions"

Black, White & Sunshine 
A story about Black and Brown children trapped in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems.