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Want to Collaborate with HPOP and Have a Play Produced on Your Behalf?

In the Fall of 2018, Houston Play On Purpose will make applications available for those who would like to partner with us to raise awareness and/or funds for a cause that meets our mission of meeting the needs of underserved populations. If your organization/company would like to work with HPOP to produce a stage play for 2019, please monitor our website this Fall for the posting of our official application.


For Original Productions written on behalf of organization:

​​Sample Option 1

Participating Organization pays 100% of production costs and pays HPOP playwright fees, director fees if applicable and possible flat fee

Sample Option 2

Participating Organization splits production costs with HPOP, as well as proceeds for a 50/50 partnership.

For Ongoing Production in progress:

Sample Option 1

Participating Organization purchases all or a portion of tickets at a discount in order to sell privately at agreed upon price.  

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